Branding photography in Horsham, West Sussex

I need to share with you some beautiful photos I recently took during a branding photography session in Horsham, West Sussex.

If you are a small business owner and you’re thinking about elevating your brand by showing beautiful imagery, here you can find some tips about how to smash your photography session! 

I love to do branding photography. We work as a Team to make sure the photos are exactly what you need to showcase your amazing small business. The photos should capture your brand personality which will help you to reach your ideal client.

I have to be honest, preparing for your session can be a lot of work but I have a preparation guide that will help you through it. The secret is planning. Having a strategy and a plan in advance for your session. 

Let’s start by asking yourself why you need this session… 

  • Do you need to update your photos? 
  • Do you need more content for social media? 

Make a list of what you want to photograph and if you’re not sure, think about your brand values and which message you want to portray through these images. Sometimes, if you have a plan for your Instagram captures or blogs, that may be helpful in thinking about which images you want to share to go with it. 

What should you wear: 

– I recommend that you use your branding colours for consistency and if you’re not sure about that, it’s better to use neutrals. 

– The outfit should be in line with your brand’s personality, is it modern and sophisticated or fun and relaxed? Playful? 

Having more than one outfit change will provide you with a variety of photos in your gallery. 

Remember to feel comfortable as this will show in your photos! There’s nothing worse than being photographed in something you don’t feel comfortable with or doesn’t feel natural to you. 

What can you bring to the session:

I have a list of props to give you some ideas but these should be unique to your business. So for example, if you’re a fitness instructor you can use a mat, some weights, a laptop, etc. If you’re a make-up artist, some make-up products, brushes, accessories, etc. 

The list is endless, iPads, mobile phone, notebooks, mood boards, camera and lenses, glasses, etc. 

Other things to consider that reflect your every day such as candles, flowers confetti, plants, coffee in a mug, etc. 


What are you looking for, outside or inside photos? Would a coffee shop be suitable or you prefer more of a kitchen or office atmosphere? 

Some options you have are: 

  • Rent a local space/ yoga studio, 
  • Use your home or a friend’s or family’s home, 
  • Book an Airbnb
  • Speak with a hotel 

While considering all this, always remember your brand strategy and think about your ideal client. These brand photography sessions are an investment in your brand, that will bring you the growth you want and expect. 

Once this is all prepared, you are fully ready for your branding photo session! 

Lastly, remember to have fun during the photography session, this will show on your photos as well, your true personality! Bring a speaker and a playlist with you and we can listen to it during the photoshoot. 

I leave here some photos from the photoshoot I had with Rosie in Horsham, West Sussex, for her new brand “Re-sults”. Rosie ticked all the boxes and was very well prepared for the session! 

We created some photos in line with her brand about fitness, wellness and lifestyle. 

Rosie was a joy to work with 🙂 

Here is her instagram account if you want to follow her and know more about a balanced lifestyle and fitness. 

Are you ready to book your photography branding session? To start, you only need to drop me an email!

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