About me

hello friend and welcome

I’m Vanessa, a happy soul and puppy lover.

I live in West Sussex, UK with my partner Alex. Aside from photography, I am also a paediatric audiologist passionate about helping children to hear better. In my job, I’m used to get the best out of children, even when they don’t want to cooperate. These skills are at times, very useful on my photography sessions too. 

I enjoy traveling and spending time with my friends, family and my lovely dog. I am Portuguese, so my heart is with the sea but thanks to Alex from the Alpes, I have discovered the love for mountains and forests – we love to explore the outdoors. If I am not shooting or working, you’ll likely find me walking and discovering new places.

From a personal experience, I don’t have many photos of my childhood and I’ve only got a few with my family. I wish I would have more… I love to go back to how I looked like when I was little and to revive moments that once made me and my family happy. Our happy memories. 

That’s why I choose photography.  Photography allows me to connect with people on a deeper level. I am grateful to be allowed to document such incredible adventures and moments that will become your forever happy memories.

Why choose me?

I love what I do. I value, care and put a lot of effort into what I create. It is very important to me that my clients appreciate my work. Photography is very subjective and personal, we all appreciate different things and that’s ok.

For me, engaging with a client and going through the photography session is like an adventure. I am the kind of photographer who is always looking for new shooting ideas being in the comfort of your home or on some stunning outdoor location. 

what type of photographer are you?

I believe in imperfectly perfect candid moments. If you are not afraid of getting your clothes dirty, have messy hair, don’t mind wind or rain, and waking up early for sunrise or stay late for sunset, then we are a perfect fit.

Planning is essential to me so I invest a lot of time into it. We will discuss where we are going, what to wear, what to expect. I am always chasing that beautiful golden light in stunning places, where I can capture your precious moments. If you are looking for a photographer who only shoots posed and formal photographs, then I am not the one for you and that’s ok.

I capture real, natural moments where people are connecting with each others rather than looking at the camera. To achieve this I invest myself into getting to know you and understand your story prior to the shooting, to allow me to truly reflect the feelings you have for each others.

Your photos will tell your story and how you felt that day.

Kind words

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